With Lockdown, muslims in Tablighi Jamaat decided to stay in Markaz, they were not hidden

tablighi jamaat

For decades, we as Muslims have been called the ‘Allah Miyan’s cow’. Do not ask a simple section of Muslims, that too simple. Absolutely non-political. Just stay in the mosque. Do Allah and Allah and leave the houses. Talking about Islam among themselves, everyone believes them. Pajamas above the ankles, long beards, hats on the head, honesty such as non-Muslims also give their example.

Now you also had a problem with the cow. Disasters come when strengthening fascism. Watching on tv since yesterday Nobody showed the truth. The bungalow mosque in the Nizamuddin area of ​​Delhi is called the global headquarters of the Tablighi Jamaat.

First of all, we should be proud that in our country, the headquarters of a major ideological faction of Islam religion, where every year millions of Muslims from every country of the world come and go to the mosques of Muslim-dominated areas, Islam-Quran and Hazrat Mohammad Tells the words of the officer. This is called the Tabligh. Tabling means telling the Quran and Hadith to Muslims.

In our country, when there was no health advisory issued on Kovid-19 and international flights etc. were not banned, then Markaz Nizamuddin was converted from different countries and many states of India. This gathering took place from 10–15 March. During this time government officials kept saying in the media that there is no need to panic. No such case has happened to us. The governments there were making every effort to deal with Kovid around the world.

The atmosphere of fear was everywhere but no one was treating his own citizens as an enemy, and no country was having any problem in getting flights from India. There were thousands of people at the headquarters of Tablighi Jamaat during this period. There are usually a few thousand people always there. Citizens of every country.

Anyway, on 22 March 2020, the Prime Minister announced the Janata curfew. During this time people got out on the road, did a dance song, then the government put 144 in Delhi. Markz wrote a letter to his nearest police station and Milda SDM said that there are about 1500 people here. Please, we have arranged vehicles to take them all to their homes, provide them a pass so that they can leave their homes.

This letter is written on 25 March 2020. The public curfew remains in force on 22, due to which many people are not able to leave from there, but on 23, about a thousand people leave their homes and go to their homes. Then on the 23rd, the Prime Minister locked the entire country by saying ‘whoever is where you are’ from midnight.

tablighi jamaat

Under these circumstances, about 1500 people were trapped in Markaz Nizamuddin, consider it. The riot media is telling these people to be ‘hidden’. While all of them are trapped in Markaz due to lockdown.

Despite this, on March 25, the SHO of Nizamuddin police station is requested to get a pass for seven (7) four-wheelers, the copy of which is also sent to the SDM but no permission is received.

These are the train numbers for which Delhi Markaz had asked for a pass so that people hiding in Markaz could go to their homes.
After this, on March 29, the letter is written again on behalf of Markaz to Assistant Commissioner of Police, Delhi Atul Kumar. This letter is written in response to the Delhi Police notice letter number 717 / SO-ACP / Lajpat Nagar.

After receiving the notice, Markz apprised of all the circumstances and said that out of all the people who have survived in Markaz, most of them are foreign nationals and Indians from far off states who have been isolated. All necessary steps have been taken as a precautionary measure.

Then there is news from Telangana that six people who returned from Nizamuddin Markaz have died due to Coronavirus. After that, all the riotous channels in the Hindi language including Zee Media, Republic, TV9 Bharatvarsha, competed to make Markaz a den of traitors. Police of the Health Department started arriving in Markaz, the police were deployed. Who would go so far as to discredit Markaz? Muslims from all over the country began to surround it.
It is known that Corona is not a foreign disease but a foreigner. And it is also known that the first case was revealed in December, after that, in January, February and half of March, the danger came on the whole world. Nevertheless, the responsibilities of our country kept sleeping.

Thousands of people came from abroad every day without any investigation. Millions of people came to India from America to France, Israel, the UK, Europe, Arabia. No one was investigated. Hardly any country has seen such a view of negligence. Mistake our system and we pay? Where is this justice?

Foreigners came to Markaz because the Indian government granted him a visa. If they are not investigated at the airport, are the mistakes made? If you are honest, you will find the answer and give yourself. Do not tell me Thousands of people live in Markaz twelve months of the year.

The Prime Minister imposed a one-day public curfew and then locked the night the next day. People got stuck there. Like the whole country got trapped in their homes. Whatever was there got stuck. Then why are these tabloids trapped in the Hindi-language riotous channel and narcissistic anchor Markaz being ‘hidden’? Did we say to the millions of people trapped on the UP-Delhi border, where were all these hidden? Yes, it was said. All these channels and anchors were also comparing these workers with the Corona bomb.

We all knew that eighty percent of this crowd of workers are Hindus. Yet these bloody anchors who licked the government’s feet were calling those poor-destitute laborers and residents of Hindi states a ‘corona bomb’. Actually, they are the pet puppets of the poor government sitting in the center. They do as they say. What Hindus and Muslims do for them. Everything is money and power. Those who kill humans, they are boorish people who know what they are doing.

This is the first time that the TV people are filling the hatred of the sick. This is the identity of fascism. Fascism does not matter to anyone’s death unless one of its own dies. There is talk of leaving him to die instead of serving Bimaar. People are asking to shoot. I left all of us remaining. We have arrived here. Hatred has brought us here.

All the politics of Kejriwal follows the trend of media and Twitter. The media became active yesterday about Markaz. When the trend started on Twitter, Kejriwal applied to file a case with the Delhi Police. He knows that Muslims will not say anything to him. Will also vote This is part of Kejriwal’s politics where he does not want to talk about Muslims. If the BJP touches him as a Muslim, then he starts spraying chemicals on himself so that everything becomes clear.

Whatever it is I will pray to God to protect the foreign and Indian citizens trapped in Nizam-Ud-Din Markaz. Fill the hearts of those who spread hatred among Hindus and Muslims. Make them a better understanding and better thinking.

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