The largest socially distant protest held by Israelis against their Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

Not sure what more this pandemic has to offer now!!
According to the social distancing guidelines at every 2 meters distance an “X” Has been marked for the people to stand on while maintaining the appropriate distance. So, the protest organizers marked 2,800 “X” spots for the protesters to stand and protest while following the social distancing guidelines on Sunday evening. Although in the end organizers said that twice as many people were there on the streets to protest against their own Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The protest has come up as the most dramatic protests of all times during this Pandemic. Protesters held the Israeli flags as well as a black flag to show their angst. They also had face masks as a protective measure during this Pandemic. The Rabin Square looked like it was packed with people as they were standing while maintaining the distance.

The protest was against the corruption and their corrupt Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as declared by the citizens of Israel. A person even held a placard in which it was written “ I will not be quiet as my country has changed it’s face”
Israel had taken strict measures during the ongoing pandemic, still the citizens could organize a protest like this only if they were following all the guidelines properly, which they did. The situation is really disturbing that in such a situation also people had to choose to protest against their own Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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