The Covid19 infected patients will be treated with the help of plasma, says KGMU, Lucknow

After cities like Chennai, Delhi now Lucknow will also have facility for Plasma Therapy. KGMU has stated that the patients infected with the CoronaVirus will be treated with the help of “Plasma Therapy”. After Delhi now KGMU, Lucknow has started the preparation for the therapy.

The drug control of India has granted permission on Saturday for the same. KGMU has been made the State Nodal Centre. The people who have successfully recovered from Covid19 will be saving the lives of many other infected patients with the help of their Plasma.

After 3 weeks one unit of Plasma will be extracted from the blood of the patients who have been successful in fighting with CoronaVirus. A unit of plasma can help 4 patients in recovering.

According to Dr. D Himanshu the people who have successfully recovered must have developed anti-bodies against the Virus. Those anti-bodies will help the other infected patients in fighting with the deadly Virus. Around 11 patients have recovered in KGMU so far.

The therapy will start from the next week. All the donors have been asked and have agreed to donate their plasma. The plasma will be transfused into the body of serious patients. Their is hope that they might recover faster.

This new technique has surely given more hope in this direction. The test has been carried out among the people of same blood groups but will also be carried out among the opposites too. The solution has surely widen the horizon for cure.

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