Punjab CM announced that 10 lakh packets of dry ration will be distributed among the laborers!

Amarinder Singh

On 26th March Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh ordered that 10 Lakh packets of dry ration will be distributed among the unorganized laborers. Each packet consists of 10 kg atta, 2 kg dal, and 2 kg of sugar. Each of these packets will be distributed in the slum areas and other areas where daily wage earners or the laborers are staying in large numbers. The Chief Minister has also ordered that some packets must be kept at the Deputy Commissioner’s offices to support any labor who have been left during this door to door distribution may call on the helpline number for food.

 Following the announcement made by the Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to provide economic packages to various sections of the society, but unfortunately there was no such scheme for the daily wage earners who will suffer during this Lockdown. But later the Punjab C M ensured that the packages will reach each person who will be in need.

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