We, people of India need to be more resilient than the VIRUS!

people of india

No doubt about the fact that in India, we are going through a very tough time in our lives. Although, those who have a roof over their heads or food to eat don’t have that much problem. The problem with them is that they have given so much importance to the simplest of things all the life that now this much time that has been given to them to chill or relax or to rejuvenate is bothering them.
We really are blessed that we have a roof over our heads, we have food to eat, we are with our loved ones, we can go through this gracefully. Every day it’s your choice either to be joyful or miserable, it depends on you what you choose to be. There are also warriors who are risking their lives every day just to save ours. All they are expecting from us is CO-OPERATION.
This is also a fact that this time is going to send us way back from where we have come a long way. We will have to be more resilient as the future demands a tougher YOU. After years and years of yearning, we slightly managed to get out of poverty somehow. But these times are going to send us 4 to 5 years back in terms of the people who are going to be below the poverty line. People here in India took decades of struggle to fight poverty but now because of this crisis a large population will be below the poverty line by the end of this.
The women of our country are also going to suffer again! You know it’s the general human tendency that in hard times we tend to get furious and the most vulnerable person of the family falls prey to that. In the coming times, people will be unemployed, struggling, and it’s most likely the cases of domestic violence will increase. It’s not only about the coming times, but the cases of domestic violence have also increased in this crisis situation.
People in India have also struggled just to motivate people in the rural areas specifically to send their daughters to school and we succeeded up to a great extent but now the times of crisis is going to send us back because people will struggle to earn and once again won’t send their daughters to learn. One thought people should keep in their minds that it’s not ME vs YOU it’s the PROBLEM vs US. We have to come out of this together and stronger.

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