People in the locality were not letting us feed the pups and the dog – Animal Rights Activist

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The faces and the feeder may change but the harassment is uniform. We were feeding a dog with her litter of pups when we were attacked and intimidated. The people in the locality were not letting us feed the pups and the dog. .

The incident took place in Vijay Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow and is reflective of what feeders face everywhere. Lucknow. Ranchi. Mumbai. Bangalore. Kolkatta. Gurgaon. Coimbatore.

They even abused us and said that if we try to go near the pups and the dog they will shoot us as well as the dog and they admitted that they have done that before too. We have faced this type of harassment previously also but this time it went on to extreme.

Most of the people have the miss-conception that the dogs can spread Corona Virus but this is not that fact. WHO has clearly stated that they can’t get or spread Corona Virus.

The lady in the video also said that, that they can spread the Virus. Animals are the only one who suffer the most in any disaster.

They are dependent on Humans and in this time of crisis humans are scared of them and we have heard of many cases during this crisis that people are abandoning their pets just because of the fear that they can spread the Virus.

Please don’t trust the false news that’s prevailing on the internet, the fact is that be it dogs or any other animal they can’t get or spread Corona Virus.

Fortunately the couple had the good sense to record the incident and report it in the form of complaint. While concrete action is awaited it is important to share how people can choose to behave.

Request you to share this link as far and wide as possible so that anyone thinks twice before choosing to behave as they have done. We will overcome Covid 19 without loosing our humanity. Do leave a roti outside your house. You would have saved a life.

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