Being a helping hand for America, Israel and now Malaysia, India proves to be the number one exporter and producer of Hydroxychloroquine


India has proved to be the number one exporter and producer of anti-malarial drug called Hydroxychloroquine. India has been supplying the drug to friendly countries. Although the drug has been banned for exports, but India has been exporting it to the foreign governments rather than exporting it directly to private companies while complying with it’s global commitment.
Due to the increase in cases of Covid19 all over the World, the demand for this anti-malarial drug, Hydroxychloroquine has also taken an upsurge. The Indian government is helping the countries who are in dire need or are solely dependent on India for this medicine. India has been standing with Nepal, Bhutan, Srilanka, America, Israel and now Malaysia.
The procedure that is being followed is that the countries that require the medicine shall route their application through Ministry of External Affairs. Then the Pharmaceutical department will assess the requirement of that country. After assessing the need they will then compare it with the availability of the anti-malarial drug in India without compromising our country’s own interests. Then the department would ask the Director General of Foreign Trade to provide a license for the smooth release of the consignment.
The Indian Pharmaceutical industry has given the statement that we have enough stock of this anti-malarial drug and the drug producing firms are also ready to shoot up the productions of this drug to meet foreign as well as domestic demands.
These foreign developed countries had to depend on India for this anti-malarial drug because of non-existent malaria in these countries. India gets the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, API from China that helps in the manufacturing of this drug having anti-viral properties!

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