Hydroxychloroquine: Useful or Not?


Many tests have been carried out on Hydroxychloroquine even before this pandemic ever existed. Many people have been questioning the effectiveness of this medicine lately.

Dr. Eric Berg, in one of his recent videos, has explained the various studies that were carried out on Hydroxychloroquine. Out of the 5 studies, 3 prove that Hydroxycholoquine is effective and 2 prove that it’s ineffective. Apart from these studies, more studies are being carried out!
The studies that show that Hydroxychloroquine is effective also proves that:

  1. It potently blocks the infection caused by the virus in-vitro.
  2. A clinical test carried out on 20 patients in France proves that when they were treated with Hydroxychloroquine in combination with an Antibiotic, they tested negative within 5 days!
  3. A random test on 62 patients in China proved that the recovery time significantly improved when the patients were given Hydroxychloroquine.

The studies that prove that Hydroxychloroquine is not effective:

  1. A study in China that was carried out on 15 patients proved that 93% of people who were not given Hydroxychloroquine tested negative within 5 days and 87.7% of people who were given Hydroxy-chloroquine also tested negative within 5 days.
    The patients who were not given Hydroxy-chloroquine were given proper bed rests, antibiotics, oxygen, etc. Both the groups got interferons which is a substance that kills viruses. The only difference is that the people who got Hydroxychloroquine didn’t get antibiotics. After two weeks both the groups tested negative for CoronaVirus.
  2. In France a test was carried out on 11 patients. The results proved that Hydroxy-chloroquine when combined with an antibiotic didn’t give positive results in them. Although the patients had other significant health conditions. Out of the 11 patients, 2 were obese, 3 had solid tumors, 2 had hematological cancer, 1 had HIV.

Hydroxychloroquine is actually an ionophore that consists of Zinc. It allows Zinc to enter into the cells. Zinc can inhibit the Virus. It also helps in reducing the break-down of hemoglobin, which ultimately results in protecting the lungs and providing more oxygen.

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