Formula 1 companies to manufacture Ventilators

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Out of 10 Formula One company, 7 are going to manufacture the ventilators. As the number of cases are growing around the globe, the need for ventilators has also increased. One of the companies made a small sample of the ventilator within 100 hours of the meeting! The project on which these 7 companies are working collectively has been named as “Project Pitlane”. The base camp is located in Silverstone, United Kingdom.

formula 1

The strength of F1 companies is their quick response to innovation and the changing technological environment. Their core skills are that they are able to rapidly design, skilled assembling, and prototype manufacturing. The UK Government has scaled the workstreams in 3 parts under the “Project Pitlane” of VentilatorChallenegeUK.

In the first stream, the companies have to reverse engineer the existing medical devices that will fuel future manufacturing. The second stream is to increase the production of existing ventilators to cope with the crisis. The third stream is to manufacture new and innovative ventilators to meet future demand. The group of manufacturers has received an order of 10,000 ventilators to help treat the patients who have contracted COVID 19.

The ventilator helps in pushing the air back into the lungs when the person is not able to breathe. It’s a life-supporting system. The CoronaVirus impacts the lungs and the fluid that gets accumulated in the lungs makes it difficult for the person to breathe. In this critical situation, Ventilators are a necessity and the demand for them is rising with the rise in cases every day! This the reason the UK Government has formed this team to increase the production of ventilators under “Project Pitlane”.

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