Bandra Station Gathering – Politics in the times of Pandemic

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On the 14th of April 2020, a large mass of people gathered at Bandra station, Mumbai. They were all said to be Migrant workers who were hoping to head back home safely. The visuals from Bandra station reveal that a large crowd had gathered there and the Police had to resort to lathi-charge to disperse the crowd. The same also happened in Delhi during the earlier days of the Lockdown. Then the intellectuals and media gurus said that Lockdown shouldn’t have been declared abruptly. The workers should have been given prior notice about the Lockdown so they could have headed home safely. But let us tell you the fact that it would have been even worse if some kind of prior notice was circulated, the number of people heading towards their homes would have been just doubled. In any case gathering of people would have been or is already a THREAT. People are not understanding the pain that the infected people are going through. If you along with your mother are found infected then you would have to choose between your life and your mother’s life, because only one of you would be able to access the ventilator! Just imagine the situation, nobody wants to be in that situation ever. You will have to live with that decision for your entire life.
Now let’s talk about the Bandra case. A large number of people gathered at Bandra station, Mumbai to head back home safely because they thought that the Lockdown might get over. This is what is being said but the truth is something else. First things first:

  1. Even if they thought that the Lockdown period was about to get over they could’ve waited for 15th April 2020, because the Lockdown had to be followed till 14th so how come they gathered on 14th April itself when there was no notice of Lockdown being lifted.
  2. It was very clear that the lockdown will not be lifted, even the Maharastra CM Udhav Thackrey himself extended the Lockdown till 30th April before our PM even announced the extension.
  3. It was also clear that before 3rd May 2020, no buses or trains will be running!
  4. Most of the migrant workers were either from Bihar, Bengal, or UP. So this must be questioned that what made them gather at Bandra station as many vehicles are running from Kurla Terminus, Thane Terminus, Dadar Terminus.
  5. People were questioning this act on social media and many people raised their finger at the fact that why women and children were not there with these migrant workers. There were only males! And that too without any luggage.
  6. Later it was said that a local politician asked them to gather near the Bandra terminus and that politician was arrested the same day for this heinous act.
  7. It was also confirmed that a Marathi news channel also telecasted a piece of news informing that a new train will be running from Bandra Terminus for the migrant workers.
  8. In the end, a Government circular was also highlighted which clearly stated that on 15th April special vehicles will be running.

All the above facts create nothing but confusion. In any way, the gathering of the people near the Bandra Terminus is not justified. It’s just dirty POLITICS that is being played even in the times of PANDEMIC which is PATHETIC.

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