Mayo Clinic of Florida – Autonomous vehicles can reduce the spread of Covid 19


In Florida recently, the Mayo Clinic has come up with Autonomous vehicles- a car that drives itself. They have started using these vehicles to shuttle tests from  these drive through clinics till there labs. The use of these vehicles has put the health workers at minimum risk. Now those health workers can be present where they are most expected to be in.

Although not many vehicles are there on the road but as the cases are rising day by day more vehicles are expected to be seen on the roads of Florida. This system of handling the pandemic can be an excellent example for other countries to apply as well. There are a lot of potential benefits of these Autonomous vehicles from energy efficiency to increased safety. The use of these vehicles can help reduce the spread of Covid 19.

The SUV can be seen in a video discharged by the Mayo Clinic (seen above), after one of the Mayo Clinic laborers stacks the cooler of tests onto oneself driving transport. The SUV at that point follows the bus over the Mayo Clinic’s grounds, where the cluster of new tests is swapped for another cooler. Four of these vehicles have made a similar run to and fro every day since March 30th in Forida.

In an announcement gave to The Verge, Joe Moye, the CEO of self-governing vehicle administrator Beep, said the Jacksonville Transportation Authority is giving the pursuit vehicles to “guarantee no traffic or people on foot would possibly affect the conveyance way of the COVID-19 examples and supplies.” That’s regardless of the way that the Mayo Clinic’s official statement says the courses the buses are running “are separated from walkers, traffic and staff.”

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